Digital Signature

What is DSC?

A digital signature certificate (DSC) is a signature that is in an electronic format. This digital signature certificate (DSC) are issued by the government recognized Certifying Authorities (CAs). This digital signature certificate (DSC) is generated with the help of PAN details like the Name of the individual, PAN number, DOB, etc. This digital signature certificate (DSC) is stored in specialized USB pen drives.

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Classes Digital Signature Certificate

There are 3 kinds of Class in Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), Class I, Class II and Class III Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

Class 1

A class 1 digital signature certificate (DSC) is used by both individual and business. This is a basic type of certificate which is used to give basic assurance moreover it is considered as the lowest kind of security. This certificate confirms the user's name email Id as mentioned in the customer database of certifying authority

Class 2

This certificate is issued for both individuals and organizations DSC for both Indian and foreign individuals. The main objective of this certificate is to authenticate the details of the signer. The director or signatory authority of the organizations use this for the purpose of e-filing with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

It is used in different online form-filling, online registration, income tax filing and so on. Class 2 digital signature certificate (DSC) is required for an individual whoever wants to file returns with ROC. More uses of Class 2 digital signature certificate (DSC) are given below.

  • MCA e-filing

  • Income Tax e-filing

  • Companies registration

  • GST filling

  • IE code registration

  • Form 16,etc

Class 3

This certificate is issued for both individuals and organizations, This is the most secure every other certificate. It is fundamentally used in online trading and web-based business, where a huge amount of confidential information is involved. If an individual wants to participate in online auctions and E-tenders it is a must to have a Class 3 certificate. Following below are the major places where Class 3 certificates are used-

  • E-tendering

  • Patent and trademark e-filing

  • MCA e-filing

  • Customs e-filing

  • E-procurement

  • E-biding

  • E-auction,etc

Advantages of a Digital Signature Certificate

Cost and Time efficient

Instead of signing the documents physically and sending it. One can sign the documents digitally with the digital signature certificate (DSC)and send them across through email which is quicker in nature. The Digital Signature declaration holder doesn't need to be physically present to lead or authorize a business.

Data integrity

Documents that are signed digitally can't be edited or altered once the document is signed. Which makes the document and its's data safe and secure. This certificate is used by the government agencies to cross-check and verify the business transaction

Authenticity of documents

Digitally signed documents offer confidence to the beneficiary to be guaranteed of the signer's authenticity. They can make a move based on such reports without getting stressed over the documents being forged.

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