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What is Trademark?

A trademark can be defined as the unique identity which defines your product or service from the rest. A logo, image, slogan, word, sound, smells, combination of colors, or graphics may be the specific identity or expression. Most companies typically search only for a logo or name registration. When you've come up with a new concept or logo so copyrighting it is the only way you can secure it as your own exclusive identity.

Advantages Trademark Registration

Business Opportunity

A product or service provided under a registered mark helps create confidence , efficiency, quality and goodwill in consumers' minds. Compared to other sellers, it offers you a unique identity especially when you sell it on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Legal protection

If you think that someone else is copying your trademark, you can take up the issue legally and sue them if you have licensed your logo, your brand name or your slogan.

Unique Identifier

Consumers can only identify with the label a single product or service. Registering a trademark means that it is not used by others, and therefore remains the unique asset of a client.


An Advantage In case the company creates a reputation and succeeds, the trademark may be a valuable asset. It can be licensed, sold and franchised commercially.

Global Filing Of Trademark

A trademark that is registered and filed in India can also be filed outside of India. Similarly, foreigners may also receive a trademark in India

Creation of intangible asset

In case your brand builds a name and succeeds, the trademark can be a valuable asset. Registering a trademark makes it an intangible asset which can be sold, franchised, licensed, or contracted commercially. It gives benefits to the company or the individual proprietor. For the company a trademark is an intellectual property.

Infringement protection

The registration of a trademark means that no other corporation or person uses the trademarked product unethically. However, if a third party uses the trademark without the permission of the trademark owner, the owner may apply for legal protection against the act and even sue the person or news corporation who created the trademark misuse.

Exclusive rights

The proprietor of a licensed mark may have exclusive rights to the mark. The owner can apply the same trademark for all the goods falling under the same classes. Holding the exclusive rights to the goods or services often helps the owner to avoid any kind of illegal use of the marked item.

Applying the registered symbol

When a trademark is filed, the organization can use the registered symbol (®) The logo is evidence of the fact that the trademark is already registered and can not be used by any person or company. The person holding the trademark can decide to sue the other party in the event of illegal use.

Brand identification

Trademarking lets customers find out about the goods easily. You will distinguish between the various kinds of products, as the products appear to identify their own brand.

Promotes Goods and Services

The registration of a trademark is the company's identity, or the products and services. This helps to differentiate and promote the formation of brands. Many businesses get their name from a trademark and it plays a vital role in promoting and maximizing the image of the brand.

Protect Commercial Goodwill

The licensed proprietor of a trademark has the right to create, maintain and protect the goodwill of its products or services. The owner can stop other traders from illegally using its trademark. The infringer can also be successfully sued for using the brand name and seek damages for any violation

Advertising sales

A company's customers add the brand name to the product or service feature which they have. This product type is growing throughout the marketplace and thus helps to increase sales by attracting more and more consumers to the company.

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