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A Website dosen't help you in business without doing digital marketing. Unique Control Systems will help to make your website a money making tool. As a digital marketing company we will keep on updating in Search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, PPC, Online display ads, etc.. and create a positive online identity that will create your business in to a Brand.

Think Big - Start Small - Scale Large

Grabbing new opportunities in a briskly changing market requires a hyper-collaborative and agile approach. Our Multi-disciplinary teams comes with the apply right mix and measuere at each step to make menaingful progress toward clients business goals.We Will Increase Leads & Sales with our Award-Winning Online Marketing Services team. 

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"The right story told at the right moment grabs the attention of the right audience"

Build a digital reputational strategy and seamless real-time relationship to target your niche. 

We Create Outstanding  And Flexible Digital Services 


Unique Control Systems will provide a thorough competitive analysis about your online identity and your competitor presence, We will help you to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities (SWOT) from an internet marketing Viewpoint— containing actionable insights that will help you to reach your presence above your competitor. ProPlus Logics will provide custom-tailored suggestions on how to improve your online presence.


If you want to expose your unique selling point you need to Attract, acquire, and engage your target spectators through the formation and spreading of relevant and Readable content, that includes landing pages, blog posts, Articles, e-books, email newsletters, press release, and more. We have a professional writer which will help you to grow your internet presence and make a good impact on online business.


According to email marketing, it is very cost-effective to improve the business. In Chennai, email marketing will play a vital role to get a new business or lead. For every 100rs you are spending in Email marketing it will give back 1000Rs in return. Our team will help your business to always stay top-of-mind with your prospects and retain your existing customer by keep on engaging.


Paid campaigns will give the best solution in two aspects one in lead generation and another control the Ad Process. But if we need more effective campaigns at affordable cost than Google Adwords? Then we should move with a hyper-targeted AD campaigns! do you know why? Because online active users spend every 6 minutes online, As we well know Chennai is an industrial hub so we should concentrate on this AD for sure.


Every website needs a visitor but at the same time, we need a conversion for our traffic. We are having an expert team to analyze the conversion rate and help you to improve your visit to lead conversion rates. We have helped the various business industry to improve their conversion rates to double and even triple for their website conversion rates.


If you want more traffic, leads, and sales in inbound marketing Have to do this technique without fail because 97% of users are starting here with search engines. If you want to grow your long-term authority and want to receive a value leads, traffic, and sales with SEO. the current market in Chennai moreover depends on SEO.


In India, 80% of teenage have minimum one social media profile, and every social media user spends at least two hours on social media sites daily. Then this is the right place to promote your business with the right social media campaigns that include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and it keeps on updating.


In India , 83% of consumers go online to find local services or products, and 60% of smartphone users use Google while searching for any local business. Do you want to connect them? We have a strong team for Local SEO and help you to find the potential customer in online and help them to reach you.


The challenge of the photographer is to take the Best Industrial Shots while shooting machinery and equipment. We take this challenge and deliver you a Good Quality Photography which will attract your clients to render your Business Activities.

You can stay strong in competition with digital marketing solution. 

Happy Clients

We have worked with some of the reputed companies to take their online presence in to new heights.


Branding is about setting your business apart from the competition. Hiring a branding agency can be extremely helpful in determining the best branding strategies for your business.


Allow us to Bring Profits to your Organization with Digital Marketing Services.

Our Best-in-Class digital marketing strategy creates better customer engagement for your business to be more lucrative and profitable.


Allow us to Bring Success to your Organization with Splendid and Stunning Websites for your Business Projects.Great websites add great values to your business. From wire-framing to PSD designing, we do it all.


Allow us to help you with our Best Consulting services for your Business Development Activities.

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